San Rafael


It has been over a year sense we have been ordered by the Government to close.

INCAVO has received no support from the Government to remain in Operations. INCAVO is sorry to say goodby for now.

INCAVO has seen disaster loans granted to businesses that have not been effected by covid. In fact, INCAVO has seen businesses receive 100k plus in low interest loans to companies that have not lost business and have actually gained business.

What does a business do when they get money they don't need? INCAVO has seen them buy a yacht...

WHY can they do this? Because they have a recovery plan; a plan that needs no assistance (stupid government). INCAVO cannot provide a recovery plan due to the fact that INCAVO is a BAR (a Bar that represents local family wineries that does not own a winery, sad who helps them now?). Tier 4 (INCAVO tier) how do you provide an honest recovery business plan when you have been ordered to shut down for over a year and you have no idea when 100% open privileges for the next 5 years will be granted (for those that are green to business, this is the depreciation factor important for survival)

Bottom line, no assistance to tier 4 businesses. INCAVO is for now, Gone.

LAWSUITS: I will soon post the Lawsuits against INCAVO. Landlords that believe they have no responsibility to COVID shutdowns and believe their useless land is due 100% rent. Harassment, Overcharging and flat out stealing for in-human thoughts of personal gain.

INCAVO complied, SAVED many lives. Will INCAVO be punished for our compliance? 

INCAVO has lost over 1m in assets,

On a better note, Ownership of INCAVO is working on a plan to offer value to or membership! Stay tuned and the first opportunity will be announced soon!